How to Select A Good LED Dog Collar? | BSEEN Direct

How to Select A Good LED Dog Collar? | BSEEN Direct


Many friends always complain that they can't find their dogs in the dark when dog walking at night, worried that they're missing or be hit by vehicles on the road. So LED dog collar should be a necessary for night dog walkers.

But often been asked how to select a good led dog collar for their dogs, Here is some suggestions for you:

1. Suitable Size: that you should consider the collar size as the first factor, for small breeds dogs& cats, need to choose the special SMALL LED DOG COLLARS, have a thin webbing& Lightweight for small dogs to wear. and for other dogs, need to measure dogs' neck size before you choose the small/ medium/ large size for different kinds of dog collars.

Small LED Dog Collar- BSEEN Direct

2. Good Brightness:  A led dog collar will keep your dogs be visible in the dark, and avoid missing or some potential traffic dangers. Usually the LED collars can visible up to 30 ft, but the brightness will be different by collar materials& LED colors, Usually red/green LED's brightness will be better than blue, and thick nylon webbing collars brightness will be not as good as pure TPU light-guiding collars.

3.  USB Rechargeable VS Batteries:  Usually the battery type LED dog collars will be much cheaper than USB type collars. and now it seems the USB type is the trend, no need to replace the batteries, just need to get it be charged by the USB cord, it's much environment-friendly.  For USB LED Dog Collars, that you need to considering how long need to get charged to full? and how many hours that can last after charged?

Mesh USB Rechargeable LED Dog Collar

4. Durability: for large breeds dogs, you should consider the collar's affordable pull power, maybe the Nylon Webbing Collars will be much better,  with a stable release buckle, so that dogs will not get apart easily.

BSEEN Direct Nylon Webbing LED Dog Collar

5. Flexible & Comfortable: It's a daily use items for our lovely dogs, so we should choose the collars that dogs liked to wear it. Silicone LED Dog Collar is very flexible, and length can be cuttable, what's more, very lightweight for dogs to wear it.

BSEEN Direct Silicone LED Dog Collar

Based on these above points, that believe that you should can select the most suitable LED Dog Collars for your dogs, give them exactly what they want!